The ideal charging method for smart devices.. Important tips

Preserving the battery is one of the main factors that contribute to the longevity of smart devices of all kinds.

In this report, Business Insider reveals a set of tips that you can use to preserve the life of your battery, by recharging it correctly.

Start charging after less than 20%
First, recharging the battery does not happen before the percentage of energy in it reaches 20%, you should know that each battery is manufactured with a specific number of processes of emptying energy and recharging, at a rate between 300 and 1000 times, and targeting recharging after the energy rate reaches less than 20% of things that increase battery life.

Don't wait to reach 100%
Second, do not leave the batteries for charging until the power capacity reaches 100%, and do not leave the battery to reach 0% of its capacity until you start charging it, taking care not to leave the phone in the charger for long periods after the end of charging.

low temperature
be sure not to leave your phone in places with high temperatures, which will compensate for significant damage to the phone battery in the long run.

Accepts use at any charge
it is not necessary for the charging rates in your smart devices to be always high. In the past years, improvements have been made to smartphones and personal computers, to stop the charging process automatically as soon as they reach the safe rate of energy, and it is desirable that thanks to these devices, you will find their source of energy, especially computers, to give batteries a chance to maintain their performance.

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