Some medical advice for rheumatism patients to follow in the winter.

With the cold weather and the habits that the winter imposes on staying at home and eating foods, the pain of joint patients increases, which prompts them to search for ways to relieve their pain. In this article, we offer you some advice that doctors advise:

  • Massage around the joints with warm water at varying intervals to prevent spasms in the muscles surrounding the joints and relieve pain.
  • Drink warm water and drinks, as the temperature decreases, the body's feeling of thirst decreases, and the lack of fluid leads to muscle cramps and tightness.
  • Maintaining a good period of sleep, which leads to body rest; This prevents joint pain.
  • Warming the body by wearing appropriate clothing, underwear, gloves and appropriate shoes, which contributes to raising the temperature in the muscles surrounding the joints, thus reducing pain and preventing it from occurring.
  • Pay attention to the use of suitable shoes during sports, work and walking, as the use of inappropriate shoes leads to an increase in pain around the joints.
  • exposure to psychological stress due to a lack of the hormone serotonin; What causes cramps and pain in the joints, so you must practice some hobbies that stimulate movement and improve the psychological state.

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