Leaked photos show: Revolutionary changes will be in the iPhone 14 and its price will rise

Leaks from specialized technical sites revealed that the upcoming iPhone 14 series will witness a revolutionary change in the design of the phone, especially with regard to the shape of the screen and the advantages of the camera.

It is expected that Apple will announce the new generation of its iPhone 14 smartphone on September 7, at a price higher than the price of the current generation iPhone 13, by about $100.

The specialized technical website cnet.com said that the iPhone 14 Pro screen will be completely different from the iPhone 13 screen, and that the notch that was present in the previous socket will disappear, which is a bump at the top of the phone screen and includes the front camera and the speaker.

Forbes said that the new leaks came from a Chinese tweeter named (DuanRui) on Twitter, as he posted on his account pictures of the iPhone 14 Pro screen and “iPhone 14 Pro Max”, and a hole appeared for the front camera inside the screen.

Previous leaks reported that the iPhone 14 will come with a 48-megapixel camera with the Pro category.

Dan Ive, an economist at Wedbush, said Apple could raise the price of the iPhone 14 by $100 more than the iPhone 13. These expectations are consistent with analysts' expectations in The Sun, which pointed to higher prices across the Apple components supply chain.

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