Facebook will no longer be completely free .. Meta will push users towards paying money soon.

Meta, the owner of the Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram applications, has begun to take serious steps towards making profits through exclusive features for users willing to pay money on the three social platforms used by billions.

Since the launch of the first social network, Facebook, and is based on providing its services completely free to users, while the company collects its profits through advertising on the network, but this will change soon.

According to a report published by The Verge, citing reliable sources within Meta, the company directed the first instructions to create a special section to study how subscription services can be provided to users in exchange for exclusive features on Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, in order to diversify the company's sources of income.

The new division, called "New Profit Experience", will build new features that are exclusive to a group of users who will pay for them in the form of subscriptions, to be led by Pratiti Raichodhry, former head of research and under the supervision of John Hegman, Vice President of Meta.

For his part, Hegman confirmed that the company has already decided to offer a system of paid subscriptions for exclusive features for the first time in the history of its most famous social products, while there are no plans to allow people to pay to stop ads on applications.

He explained that the company sees opportunities to offer services, features or products that people will be willing to pay for and be excited to try, without revealing details about the quality of these “exclusive features.”

Meta's earnings come almost entirely from advertising, and while it already has many paid features across its apps, the social media giant hasn't made a point of charging users for its services yet.

Hegman emphasized that Meta sees paid features in apps as becoming a meaningful part of the business in the near term, and that there are opportunities to create new value for money and generate new revenue lines for the company.

It is reported, that this historic change in Facebook or Meta after renaming it, comes at a time when the company has already started losses due to a significant decline in advertising revenue for several reasons, foremost of which is the blocking of access to iPhone users’ data by a decision from Apple, and the new intense competition from other applications. Like Tik Tok, which is threatening the social media giant and has become the biggest attraction for young users.

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