“Apple” succeeds in getting rid of passwords and adopts a new, more advanced technology.

Apple revealed new data indicating that its efforts to get rid of passwords are done correctly, and that 95% of "iCloud" users have activated two-factor authentication, a prerequisite for adopting the new authentication standard.

The data published by TechRadar also indicated that practically all accounts are supposed to take advantage of the "Apple Passkeys" system.

Apple Passkeys is a new way for users to sign into accounts and services without having to create any passwords, and this system was revealed at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference.

Passkeys will replace traditional passwords with unique and distinct digital keys for each account, which remain fully encrypted, remain on the device at all times and never enter the web server.

Passkeys will also sync across all Apple devices via the iCloud Keychain, simplifying the login process.

The new system reduces the risk of account hacking or problems with remembering complex passwords for each account.

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